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Ajay Kaushik (Partner and Patent Agent)

Ajay is Partner at Aksh IP Associates and is responsible for the firm's Patent and Legal operations. Ajay is an enterprising professional having noteworthy and divergent thinking. As a part of the Aksh IP Associate operations team, he delivers top-notch deliverables to the clients based on their customized needs for services like conducting patentability searches, Patent Drafting, preparing replies to examination reports, attending hearings before Indian Patent Office, preparing opposition and counterstatements, etc.

Ajay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Computer Science and specializes in domains such as Information Security, Databases, Programming, Automotive technologies, AR/VR, Financial Systems (EMV/IFX, OFX), GPS navigation, Wireless, and Mobile Communication

Ajay is an experienced Patent Professional with around 10 years of experience in the Intellectual Property field.

Monika Garg (Partner and Patent Agent)

Monika is Partner at Aksh IP Associates and is responsible for the company's Patent and Legal operations, business development, branding, process improvements, and finance and accounting.

Monika has been leading the most important client relationships with patent attorneys, R&D teams of technology companies, and law firms, for providing technology scouting, licensing, patent prosecution, enforcement, and litigation support.

Monika brings wide-ranging experience in IP Prosecution. She has huge experience in searching, drafting Patent specifications, preparing replies to examination reports, and attending hearings before Indian Patent Office

Her technical areas of expertise include Wireless Messaging, Communication Protocols, Network Security, Web Services, E-commerce, Consumer Electronics & Telecommunication networks.

She has 10+ years of experience and holds a law degree and bachelors in Information technology engineering. She has undergone extensive training in the US, EP, and Indian patent law from various attorneys.