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Industrial designs are often simply referred to as “designs”, they are protected through The Designs Act, 2000. Industrial designs are those Intellectual Property rights that protect the aesthetic appearance of a product; in other words, they protect its form and its appearance rather than its functions and the purpose for which the product is manufactured. Industrial Design is a graphical representation of the product which showcases the product or its packaging which is portrayed using two- or three-dimensional artwork. It is important to make sure that the product is being showcased from all the angles to avoid confusion. Industrial Designs may consist of the shape, pattern, and/or colour of a product; it may contain one of the elements or a combination of two or three different elements. Industrial Designs are protected to safeguard the appearance of a product. With limited colours, there is always a possibility that an average consumer might get confused upon seeing two or more similar products with similar designs or similar colour used in its packaging. The sole purpose which led the introduction of Industrial Design is to protect a product’s appearance and how can one easily recognise the same after seeing it characteristics.

At AKSH IP, with more than 500 successful design registrations, we have the expertise required to obtain a design registration for the product that you have manufactured. From something small as a single toothbrush to automobile designs, we have got you covered. Our team of attorneys will assist you from filing of the application till post-grant oppositions. Being a boutique law firm practicing the area of Intellectual Property Law, we are known for providing outstanding services to our clients around the globe.




      • Design search and its availability


      • Filing and Prosecuting Design Applications


      • Implementing Design rights after procuring registration


      • Tackle the objections raised by controller or any other third-party opposition.


      • Assistance in Building a Design portfolio.


    • Renewals of Designs (every 10 years)