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Trademark Filing

Trademark filing in India can be done either online or offline mode. There are 5 Trademark offices present across our country which exercises its roles in Jurisdiction. These 5 branches are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Trademark filing are done in these offices where the appropriate Jurisdiction falls.
At AKSH IP, we assist domestic and international clients in preparing and filing of Trademark application along with keeping a up to date check on the movement of the trademark application and status.

Following are the government fees for 4 different categories of applicant.
Individual – Rs. 4500
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises – Rs. 4500
Start-ups – Rs. 4500
Other Entity – Rs. 9000

Other Entity includes organization such as PVT LTD company, LLP, Inc, trust, Educational Institute etc.

It is crucially important to make sure that the document attached with the trademark application is complete and in order. With nearly a decade of experience at filing of trademarks, AKSH IP has got you covered with smooth filing of your trademark application. As Intellectual Property filings are time-sensitive and one would generally want their idea to be turned into an asset, smooth filing of the application will avoid any un-necessary bumps in the trademark procedure.