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Trademark Registration for Amazon Brand Registry


Need a trademark to sell on Amazon? We’ve got you covered.


To sell on Amazon, you need a pending or registered trademark. Our team can help you in getting your application number for you from the Indian Trademark registry within 1 day, guaranteed! 

Trademark Registration, Filling

Trademark Registration & Filling permits the applicant or the owner to use their registered trademark, which can be in the form of logo, words, name(s), or symbols to represent the products or services of their company and differentiate the products or services that are provided by them from the competitors present in the marketplace. Goods carrying trademarks of a particular brands builds trust for the consumers. Long terms users of a single or multiple trademark(s), helps in establishing a brand in the eyes of the consumers, which further helps in creating trust and goodwill. Securing a trademark furthermore aids in safeguarding a brand against un-authorised third-party usage. Trademark Registration is an intangible asset for the company to safeguard the brand name, and it is vital to apply for Trademark Registration in India.

Task need to be performed before registering a Trademark:

How AKSH IP Trademark Team will assist in registering your Trademark(s)

Step 1
Clearance search, looks at potential conflicts of your trademark in Indian Trademark Registry to check the availability of the mark that you are seeking to register.
Step 2
Providing you an Attorney opinion, outlining the results of the search and availability of your trademark
Step 3
The trademark attorney will himself draft and file your application with the Indian Trademark registry and an application number will be provided instantly so you can keep a status check as the application proceeds on different stages.
Step 4
We help your trademark application to be registered with the Indian Trademark registry by addressing all the objections raised during the course of your trademark registration.

Benefits of Hiring Our Law Firm for Trademark Services


Our trademark team will help you along every step of the trademark registration process, ensuring that all paperwork is filled out and submitted correctly, responding to any formal objections raised by trademark registry, and making sure the process is finalized.

Whether it’s legal advice or service for any step along the registration process with our flat services fee, we shall always try you get the best possible trademark services.

Why should you hire AKSH IP ASSOCIATES to register your trademarks?

International TM Registration

Once the Madrid Application is examined and the Indian Trademark Registry has any objections to the Application, it raises a provisional refusal. The provisional refusal is communicated to the WIPO which in turns notifies the Applicant/ Authorised representative. A response to provisional refusal is to be filed within 30 days from the date of receipt of provisional refusal. An extension of one month can be sought for replying to the provisional refusal.
If you are wanting to reply to a provisional refusal, we have vast experience in these procedures and would be more than happy to explain the situation to you and see how we could help out. Please feel free to Contact us!

Trademark Renewal:

Trademarks last forever . . . only if they are timely renewed. A registered trademark is only valid for 10 years, after which it needs to be renewed. The trademark can be indefinitely renewed.
Our trademark team handles the renewal of your registered trademark rights on time and cost-efficiently. Our team is well aware of the statutory requirements and can effectively protect your trademark rights.
If you are wanting to reply to a provisional refusal, we have vast experience in these procedures and would be more than happy to explain the situation to you and see how we could help out. Please feel free to Contact us!

Trademark Litigation.

As your legal guardian, it’s our sole objective to be the guardian for your intellectual property, with the practice of being watchdogs for your intellectual property, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that your products are not being infringed by any third party. We aggressively proceed with trademark litigation against the ones using your trademark. With best trademark attorneys and high success rate in litigation, we make sure the infringers are brought to Justice and our clients are compensated for the same.

Rectification of Trademarks.

Trademarks that are registered with the Trademark Registry, can be rectified. If a trademark resembles your trademark, and if you are the prior user, a rectification can be filed to remove the trademark from the records of trademark register. At AKSH IP we have successfully helped our clients in rectifying trademarks that resembles to their prior use marks. Our skilled team of trademark attorneys with their professional litigation experience has always satisfied our clients with our services. We believe that intellectual property rights should be solely reserved with the creator(s), and those involved in piracy and copying marks to pass off their goods should be legally dealt with.

Trademark Watch.

We keep constant checks and review marketing and different types of advertising materials for rightful use and misuse of any marks; prepare style catalogue and usage manuals for our clients. We also impart important factors and support our clients on proper use and protection of their trademarks and service marks in both online and offline platforms.