Copyright Registration in India

Get your Legal Right

What is a Copyright?

Copyright, being a combination of two words, Copy and Right, simply means the right to copy one original work into duplicates. In Copyright, the original creators have the right to give their authorization to any third party to copyright their work. Permission to copy the author’s right is usually granted for commercial purposes. Copyright is registered by artists to secure artistic work such as literary works written by an author, movie scripts by writers, songs by lyricists and music composer, paintings done by artist and so on. These rights are granted to the creator for lifetime and lasts for 60 years past the death of the creator. The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 governs the copyright provisions in India. However, copyright unlike other branches of IPR is the least registered one. As it is not mandatory for an artist to register his work, it should always be a preference as registering a work will always grant some basic set of rights to the original artist which can be further enforced in future.


Patent application is normally considered the “regular” utility patent application.


Copyright is a legal right created for protection of original works like novels, films etc


Trademark registration gives you a legal hand over someone who tries to copy your trademark.


Four copies of the Design rendering photograph, which is exactly similar to the design to be registered.