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In the past, Samsung patented a triple-folding mechanism, but we’re yet to witness that panel on an actual Samsung Foldable phone. This new folding technology uses a flexible screen that can be extended or wrapped around as and when needed. A diagram shows that the panel can be folded at a right angle, forming a curved waterfall-like screen-real-estate. Another diagram reveals that the screen can be bent 180 degrees, giving a semi-circle display area for use. Interestingly, the patent shows that the panel is so versatile that you’d be able to wear this handset on your wrist.

Take a look at the patent diagrams below:
Samsung plans to achieve this versatility via a controller, a folding sensor unit, and a foldable display. The folding sensor includes a proximity sensor, a touch sensor, a piezo sensor, and a pressure sensor. While the patent didn’t clarify how this mechanism works, it does say that when the foldable display is bent to that extent, it doesn’t lose its display properties thanks to a folding sensor. Next, the controller will communicate with a foldable display and folding sensors to register the user’s touch across the four display regions.
Since it’s a patent filing, we don’t know when or if this mechanism will make it to production. However, there is no denying that it’ll be an excellent design choice and turn heads if released.

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