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Drafting an elaborate and detailed description of the invention is the first official step in filing for a patent. A patent draft includes the specification, detailed description of the invention, the claims that are to be reserved with the invention and other information that surrounds the patent.
A patent draft must cover all the aspects of the invention. At AKSH IP, with skilled and experienced patents attorneys, we make sure that the draft represents the invention in a full proof manner so as to avoid any third party to make some minor changes to the same and apply for a patent. To begin with a patent draft, it is necessary that the full specification of the invention is disclosed so as to assist our attorneys. There are two types of drafts:

Provisional draft includes the title of the invention, the subject matter of the invention which includes its background, prior art details, the nature of the invention, summary of invention, its description, detailed characterization, claims, abstracts and drawings (if any).