Patentability Search.


A patentability search is the foremost and the first step before filing for a Patent Grant. A patentability search is conducted to check if the subject matter already exists or is known in the public domain. Patentability Search is also called Novelty Search or Prior Art Search. The objective of conducting a Patentability Search is to find out the extent of work done in a similar field. This helps us in differentiating your invention from the others that are already present in the marketplace. With new inventions in the same field, comes the question of where the novelty lies with new inventions. 

Is conducting a Patentability Search necessary? We would advise that it is always better to conduct a patentability search before proceeding with the filing procedure. As it gives out insight into different inventions that could be directly or indirectly related to yours, thus giving us time to make strategies and form plans to secure a Patent Grant for your invention.

With different databases and software present, which are used for conducting patent searches and experienced patent attorneys, AKSH IP has conducted more than a thousand searches on the National and Global levels and has assisted various clients on how to proceed with securing a Patent for their invention.